The Cannonau grapes in this Crù are produced near the towns of Maristella and Guardia Grande. Its calcareous soil is rich in sand and ferrous clays, thus enabling the grapes to ripen in the best way possible. After careful vinification the wine matures in Allier Barriques and is finished in the bottle, where it slowly acquires all the fine characteristics  that make it so famous.

Colour: Ruby red, slightly tending toward garnet red.
Bouquet: Strong, characteristic, persistent to the right extent, with clear suggestions of fine wood.
Flavour: Very fine and persistent, warm, soft, dominated by suggestions of fine wood that are excellently balanced with the unmistakable taste of Cannonau.
Serving Suggestions: Hearty first courses, roasts of red meat and wild game.
Serving Temperature: 18° C – 20° C
Alcoholic Content: 13% – 13,5% vol.



2021 Medaglia d’Oro Grenaches du Monde 2021
2020 Medaglia d’Oro Grenaches du Monde