The commitment to hospitality and the ability to share, which are very much in the nature of the locals here, have always guided the work and, indeed, the life of our growers – the desire to share, to tell a story, and to do so right here at home, is so strong as to be almost overwhelming.

And so, throughout the year, we welcome numerous visitors, accompanying them on a trip through the winery’s history, traditions and most recent innovations. The guided tours offer visitors the possibility to trace out the phases of the production cycle of our wines, opening the doors of every department, taking our esteemed guests all the way from the transformation of the grapes right through to the sampling of the finished wines in the Tasting Room. It is here that the true leading lights of this journey, our DOC wines, bring to an end the one-and-a-half-hour tour, with an enjoyable moment of relaxation and conviviality, complemented by the finest typical local produce, in a perfect combination of flavours and aromas.

The winery has always been the beating heart of the work done and initiatives undertaken by our growers, and today more than ever before it is the starting point for those who want to learn about Sardinian wines and about the origins of their exceptional quality. Within our walls, with the winery’s technicians by your side, you will discover a new way to savour our wines, and you will soon learn to appreciate that same quality when you come across it in the dedicated wine stores in Alghero and Santa Maria La Palma.

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