Valmell is a young, balanced cannonau, perfect for daily consumption. Its name means “Vermilion,” “red” in our Algherese language. And it is in the Alghero countryside that the vines from which the grapes that give life to Valmell, a historic wine of the Santa Maria La Palma Winery, have their roots. It has a vivid and brilliant ruby red color, an intense and elegant bouquet; it has a great harmony of tannins and is at the same time full and with great finesse, velvety but vigorous, like Sardinia.
A wine that makes its versatility and easy gastronomic pairing its strong points.


Grapes: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
Vineyard location: Nurra, countryside around Santa Maria La Palma, Guardia Grande, Choros
Soil type: alluvial terrain.
Harvest: last week of September / first week of October
Climate: dry-Mediterranean
Training systems: spurred cordon
Plant density: 4000 plants / hectare
Yield: 80 quintals / hectare
Average age of vines: between 3 and 10 years
Vinification and refinement: fermentation lasting 7 days during which 4 pumpovers are carried out per day followed by racking. Refinement is completed in the cement vats, where the wine rests until April 1 of the year following that of the harvest
Color: intense, lively and brilliant ruby ​​red.
Bouquet: intense and of great finesse.
Taste: full and warm, velvety but vigorous, very harmonious with a characteristic background, rightly tannic.
Pairings: it goes well with red meats, game and aged cheeses.
Serving temperature: 20 ° C – 22 ° C
Alcohol: 13-13.5%
Residual sugars: 0 gr
Total acidity: 4.7
Number of Bottles: 30.000