Ours is a story that goes way back.

It all began in 1946 in the Nurra countryside, where hundreds of hectares had been reclaimed and assigned to a large group of farmers from different areas of Sardinia and northern Italy.

Skilled and courageous hands, capable of capturing the soul of a land that seems to be made for wine. This is how one hundred of them decided to become partners and found the Cantina Santa Maria la Palma.

The year is 1959 and it is in this year that the history of this great company was born, a symbol of strength, tenacity, sharing and the will to work together, making a team.

The history of Cantina Santa Maria La Palma tells of the ability to know how to trust each other, united by the will to build something great, enhancing the beauty of a unique territory, overlooking the sea between the Gulf of Alghero and the Bay of Porto Conte.

Lucky lands, caressed by the wind and warmed by the sun.

Today, past and future meet, living in each other: Cantina Santa Maria La Palma is now one of the most important wineries in Sardinia and Italy.

The number of members has grown to 300 and they cultivate more than 800 hectares of land, representing one of the largest vineyard extensions on the entire island.


Santa Maria La Palma is a large winery that manages many small plots of land, each tended by a family of experienced winegrowers, supported by the supervision of a careful team of agronomists and oenologists.

The element that distinguishes the winery and represents its strength is precisely the union of many small family businesses that work in harmony, supporting and collaborating with each other, making the most of their experience and diversity.

Such a varied terroir is perfect for selecting the best soils for each type of vine: from Vermentino di Sardegna to Cannonau, passing through Cagnulari, Monica, Cabernet, up to international vines such as Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

The search for quality is the red thread that leads this story: today, as in the past, farmers

select methods and techniques to obtain the best grapes, make the most of our land and protect it.

This winery has produced some of the best-known wine labels in Italy and around the world, such as the Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Aragosta, which over the years has become the best-selling white wine in Italy, and the sparkling wine Akènta, which over the course of 10 years has become ‘the bubbly of Sardinia’, ready to take the magic of the island around the world.

Creative ideas have also been born here, such as the production of Akènta Sub, the prestigious underwater sparkling wine aged underwater in the Cantina Subacquea di Sardegna, and Akènta Day, the first event open to the public to witness the emersion of an underwater wine cellar taken aloft by a helicopter, celebrated with a big party and boat party.


Every project carried out by the Cantina is the child of a tradition that has always combined innovation and love for its land: this represents the starting point for an entrepreneurial reality that is attentive to the environment and sustainability, aware that the economic growth of a vocated territory must necessarily pass through sustainable development.

Today, thanks to an impressive photovoltaic system, 65% of the energy used by the central production plant is generated by the sun, fully embracing the production of electricity from renewable energy, to look to the future in the right direction.

A commitment that began years ago, certified by the awarding of the Ecofriendly prize – a prestigious recognition given by the Touring Club’s Guida Vini Buoni d’Italia – and that will continue in the future, aiming to achieve 100% coverage of consumption through renewable energy.

During 2023, Cantina Santa Maria La Palma produced and marketed more than 5.5 million bottles: a number that makes it a large company at regional and national level.

Its wines are distributed throughout Sardinia, Italy and in over 50 countries around the world: from England to Germany, from the United States to Japan, from South Africa to Indonesia.

Today, Cantina Santa Maria La Palma is a great company with solid roots in Sardinia, projected into the future, holding firmly to its principles: love for its land, attention to sustainability, great care for quality and focus on creativity and innovation.

Precious ingredients that contribute to giving life to an entrepreneurial reality that continues to pursue a dream: to make Alghero, Sardinia and its wines known throughout the world.