Akènta Sub, the Underwater sparkling wine, great excellence of Sardinia and Italy.
A limited number of bottles of Akènta sparkling wine are selected for underwater refinement, made at about 40 meters deep in the waters of the sea in front of the coasts of the Porto Conte Natural Park. Thanks to this extraordinary aging for 6-10 months, the Akènta evolves, becoming Akènta Sub. When Akènta Sub sees the light and oxygenates in the glass, with its fine, elegant and persistent perlage, it tells us about its journey in a taste of unique intensity. Produced in limited numbers, it is a wine of the highest quality and exclusivity, ideal for enthusiasts and admirers and for a very special, unforgettable gift. Each bottle is a work of art, a unique piece designed by the sea, not replicable.


Grapes: Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Vineyard location: Alghero, Porto Conte Park
Soil type: Sandy clayey
Harvest: second half of August
Climate: warm, windy
Training systems: Guyot
Plant density: 4000 plants per hectare
Yield: 130 quintals / hectare
Average age of vines: 12 years
Vinification and aging: careful selection of Vermentino DOC, sparkling wine for 2 months in autoclave with the Martinotti-Charmat method. This is followed by aging on the seabed of the Costa Corallo in the bottle, at a depth of about 40 meters for 8-10 months slowly, at a constant temperature and in the absence of oxygen and light.
Color: Bright pale straw yellow, with fine and persistent perlage
Bouquet: Intense of white and yellow flowers with a good fruitiness, bread crust and final spiciness
Taste: fresh, with good sapid and salty complexity.
Pairings: Excellent as an aperitif, ideal for all dishes based on fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and delicate land dishes
Serving temperature: 6 ° -8 ° C.
Alcohol: 11.5-12% vol.
Residual sugars: 12 gr / lt
Total acidity: 5.8
Number of bottles: 5.000