Cabiròl is a lively and balanced wine, a real surprise, given by the union of Cagnulari and Cabernet Sauvignon. Inside this bottle there is the harmony of Sardinia with an international vocation.
Ruby red color, intense and enveloping taste, with a sinuous tannic texture. The nose brings back notes of ripe red berries, with pleasant and elegant hints of sweet spices.
An original wine, ready to strike and be remembered.


Grapes: Cabernet and Cagnulari
Vineyard location: 1990s plants located around Santa Maria La Palma for Cabernet (Baratz, Guardia Grande) and Usini for Cagnulari.
Soil type: calcareous soils and clayey red soils among white limestone stones.
Harvest: last two of September
Climate: dry heat
Training systems: unilateral short spurred cordon
Plant density: 4000 plants / hectare
Yield: 60 quintals / hectare
Average age of vines: 25 years
Vinification and aging: During the first 7 days fermentation 24 degrees, another 7 of maceration are made 4 pumpovers per day the first week and 2 per day the second week. Then the wine refines and rests in concrete for about 8 months, followed by a month of refinement in the bottle.
Color: deep ruby ​​red, lively and brilliant
Bouquet: Intense persuasive with hints of licorice and berries
Taste: full, soft and structured, with a slight tannic note
Pairings: Pasta and risotto with meat sauce, grilled meats and medium-aged cheeses
Serving temperature: 20 ° C – 22 ° C
Alcohol: 12.5-13.5%
Residual sugars: 0.3 gr
Total acidity: 4.9
Number of Bottles: 20.000