Zeniosu is an original wine, in many ways brilliant, produced from Monica grapes.
Monica has long been the most widespread grape variety in Sardinia; it has a very large and generous bunch. The name derives from its diffusion, favored by the Camaldolese monks around the year 1000. Today it finds its best expression in a few special areas in the countryside of Alghero, such as the sandy soils of Lake Baratz. Zeniosu is ready to surprise everyone, like a real stroke of genius.

Grapes: Monica
Vineyard location: Alghero, around Fertilia and Santa Maria La Palma
Soil type: alluvial soils, deep on average calcareous
Harvest: late September / early October
Climate: dry heat
Training systems: Guyot
Plant density: 4000 plants per hectare
Yield: 80 quintals / hectare
Average age of vines: 15-20 years
Vinification and aging: steel for 15 days (7 days maceration, with bleeding, another 7 days of fermentation), a month in steel on the skins, followed by malolactic fermentation and aging for six months in concrete tanks, followed by a final one month refinement in the bottle.
Color: intense ruby ​​red
Bouquet: intense and persistent with marked notes of red berries and a very light spicy note.
Taste: delicate, with good balance in the center of the mouth and a relaxed finish.
Pairings: soups and white meat dishes
Serving temperature: 18 ° – 20 ° C
Alcohol: 13% -13.5%
Residual sugars: 0.5 gr
Total acidity: 5
Number of Bottles: 10,000