Redìt, Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva, is a prestigious wine with an extraordinary taste. A refined bottle, produced from carefully selected Cannonau grapes and harvested by hand. It is left to age for 12 months in medium-toasted French oak barrels of 500 liters (tonneaux): thanks to this passage in wood and this slow micro-oxygenation, the Redìt Cannonau di Sardegna DOC acquires gustatory and aromatic complexity. It has an intense aroma and taste, with hints that recall red fruit and Mediterranean scrub, full-bodied and persistent but at the same time delicate. An extraordinary expression of the most representative grape of Sardinia.


Grapes: Cannonau 100%
Vineyard location: in the countryside of Santa Maria La Palma, Alghero and Jerzu
Soil type: the part of the cuvée coming from the area of ​​Alghero and Santa Maria La Palma, is born on both clayey and loose sandy soils, rather close to the sea and with a variable altitude up to 200 meters above sea level. The grapes coming from the Jerzu area, on the other hand, are grown in the vineyards on hilly areas with exposures at different altitudes, with granite or clayey-alluvial soil.
Harvest: first week of October
Climate: hot and arid
Training systems: cordon and sapling, with short pruning
Plant density: 4000 plants / hectare | Yield: 40-50 quintals / hectare
Average age of vines: Alghero 20 years, Jerzu at least 40 years
Vinification and aging: manual harvesting in crates, one week of fermentation and one week of further maceration, followed by malolactic fermentation. Aging is characterized by 12 months of passage in tonneaux and 2 months of aging in the bottle.
Residual sugars: 0.2
Total acidity: 4.7
Color: ruby ​​red with light garnet reflections.
Bouquet: intense aromas of red fruit and typical hints of the Mediterranean scrub, including the delicacy of Helichrysum. Slight spicy notes and balsamic finish.
Taste: at the entrance it is savory with a nice volume in the center of the mouth and a long and elegant finish.
Pairings: aged cheeses and meat and game dishes.
Serving temperature: 20 ° C – 22 ° C || Alcohol: 14% -15% vol.
Number of bottles: 15,000


2022 Gold Medal at the Mundus Vini
2022 Gold Medal at the Grenaches du Monde
2022 Bronze Medal at Decanter 2022
2020 Red Medal at the WineHunter Award