The vineyards of the Cantina Santa Maria La Palma grow in a unique territory: Sardinia, in particular the flat and vast terrain of the Nurra, the north-western coast of the island.

The vineyards cultivated and cared for by the Cantina Santa Maria Palma cover an area of more than 800 hectares and grow in one of the most suitable areas for wine-growing on the entire island, thanks to a mix of elements given by the quality of the soil, the position and exposure to the sun and the sea breeze, which gives the grapes unique flavours and characteristics.

Here, the mistral wind and the mild climate of this corner of the Mediterranean accompany the work of our vine growers all year round.

Those who live or stay in this area know it well: Alghero offers its long warm seasons cooled by the sea breeze, and the indelible memory of its sunsets reflected in the sea.

This is the land we have been taking care of for over fifty years: our land, our pride.

And it is through our wines, born on this magical island, that we are able to give back a little of the beauty and excellence that this land has always given us.



The Santa Maria La Palma Winery and the territory of Alghero are united by a strong, historical bond.

In our wines, in their history and sometimes even in their name, we tell the charm of a city alive in its linguistic and cultural uniqueness, as well as in the wonder of its sea.

Kilometres of coastline, small sandy bays, rocky formations and the imposing promontory of Capo Caccia with its sheer cliffs.

It is here that the seabed holds some of the area’s greatest treasures: the red gold of the Coral Riviera and the lobster, symbols of Alghero in the world.

And it is on these seabeds that Akènta Sub, Sardinia’s underwater wine, a great excellence of ours, is refined.

Not far away, overlooking the sea and protected by the ramparts that draw its profile, the city of Alghero lives in the traces of a past that is still fascinating.

The worn cobblestones of its small alleys, the voices of the fishermen along the wharves, the colours and flavours of the market, crowded with restaurateurs and residents of the Alguer Vella, write every day the history of an original culture, an island within an island, different from all the others and never the same.