Akènta Sub, the Sardinian spumante aged under water.

The sea is the element that most differentiates Sardinia and makes it what it is: with Akènta Sub, the island helps to create a unique spumante.

A limited number of bottles of Akènta spumante wine, produced from a selection of Vermentino di Sardegna DOC grapes, are left to age at a depth of around 40 metres. Thanks to this singular underwater ageing process, Akènta becomes Akènta Sub.

When Akènta Sub is brought back onto dry land and oxygenates in the glass, it embodies the journey it has been on, offering up an unrivalled intensity with every sip. Alongside its palate like no other, which results from being refined under the sea, Akènta Sub boasts another exclusive characteristic: its packaging. Having spent some time under the water, the bottle is covered in natural incrustations due to the action of marine organisms, those painstaking artisans of the deep, which create special designs on the glass, imbuing every Akènta Sub bottle with exceptional uniqueness and making every piece a true collector’s one-off.

The underwater ageing is a magic moment, which creates a wine in a class all of its own: Akènta Sub, an extraordinary wine that has a unique story to tell.