Akènta Day 2023: great success for the emersion of the underwater sparkling wine

Great success for the 2023 edition of Akènta Day, the event celebrating the emersion of Akènta Sub, the sparkling wine aged on the seabed of Alghero by Cantina Santa Maria La Palma


On the morning of Saturday, July 15, a fleet of 8 official boats witnessed the evocative operations of the emersion of the underwater wine, together with more than 60 private boats aggregated to the party: around 11. 30 in the waters off the coast of Alghero, a team of divers – led by professional diver Michele Sanna – surfaced two underwater cellars, which had remained between 6 and 12 months on the seabed for the Akènta Sub wine to refine; the activity was concluded with the spectacular intervention of the helicopter piloted by Andrea Baccanti that lifted the cages protecting the precious bottles, bringing them up to the storage point and then to the Santa Maria La Palma Winery. The operation saw about 1,000 bottles of Akènta Sub emerge: at the same time, as many were submerged, ready to return to the light during the next Akènta Day.

Afterwards, the cruise moved to the beautiful area of Cala Burantino, where a large boat party was held, with a different DJ set on each boat.

Akènta Day is an event launched to allow the curious and wine enthusiasts to witness the extraordinary spectacle of underwater wine surfacing. This event is bringing important visibility for the project and, at the same time, has the ability to act as an important promoter of the territory of Alghero and Sardinia. This edition of Akènta Day was attended by hundreds of people and wine professionals from all over the world, from the United States up to England, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, joined by many other guests from different regions of Italy. A large group of professionals who were enchanted in front of the beauty of the coast of Alghero and the culture of Sardinia, combined with the quality of its regional excellence.


Cantina Santa Maria La Palma’s goal is to promote the island’s wines and territory around the world thanks also to actions such as Akènta Day. The success of the 2023 edition is an important signal: now the appointment is for 2024, the year in which Akènta Day will be repeated with some changes and innovations, to allow more and more people to participate and continue to tell about the beauty of the island and the quality of its wines.


The day ended with the Akènta Night show at Maden Events: special guest Albert Marzinotto, one of the most up-and-coming DJs nationwide, capable of making thousands of people dance late into the night.

In the meantime, the winery launched Akènta Parties, a series of signature Akènta nights distributed throughout the island and beyond: after the special Akènta Exclusive Night, held in Rome, these events are ready to go as far as New York, Boston and Miami in the coming months.