Ràfia, the new Vermentino di Sardegna DOC from the Santa Maria La Palma Winery

We are delighted to announce the latest release from our winery: Ràfia, Vermentino di Sardegna DOC.


Ràfia is a highly prized wine. Its genesis lies in vineyards located on a limestone hill, featuring soft curves blessed with sea breezes and excellent sun exposure: a perfect equilibrium for this arid, ancient terroir, which is rich in precious elements and capable of imbuing the oldest vineyards with the salinity and tanginess that are typical of wines from the Alghero area. This is where we grow the vines that are used to make Vermentino Ràfia, in a part of the territory that is naturally bathed in light – vines that produce small numbers of bunches, laden with grapes of the highest quality.

Tradition and innovation are combined to give rise to this wine: raffia, a durable natural fibre widely used in agriculture, becomes the symbol of a link between vine, terroir and winegrower. This strong bond is constituted by the respectful, delicate approach taken towards the vines.

The maturation of the bunches is celebrated by a highly significant, symbolic ritual: the sampling of the berry – a crucial moment in which to test the crunchiness of the skin and the fullness and body of the grapes themselves. This allows us to ascertain that the grapes are properly ripe, before proceeding with the traditional hand-harvesting of the bunches, which are placed into trays – normally from mid-September onwards – at the moment of perfect maturation. It is a long process that requires patience, careful cultivation and keen observation, all geared towards selecting the most suitable moment at which to cut the golden bunches.

The trays with the grapes on them are cooled in a refrigeration chamber at temperatures close to 0˚C in order to allow, during the pressing process, the full extraction of the aromatics from the skins. After 6 hours spent waiting in the press, the must reaches the steel container and, after the natural sedimentation of the product, the fermentation of Rafia gets under way at a controlled temperature of around 13˚C. At this temperature, the potential of the must in terms of aromatics and flavour is brought out fully.


After a few days, Vermentino Ràfia continues its fermentation in oak barrels and there it remains for around 10 days, during which time it undergoes bâtonnage – i.e. the manual stirring of the lees in the wine. The next stage is ageing in steel for around a year. It is at this point that the bâtonnage process determines the final character of the wine, profoundly modifying its fragrance and palate: the wine acquires body, volume, longevity and character. The ageing process is then completed with around 4 months spent in the bottle.

Il Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Ràfia nasce da un processo unico, fatto di attenzione e amore: può sembrare una frase banale, ma è la pure realtà. Ràfia è disponibile presso le nostre enoteche a Santa Maria La Palma e Alghero (Via Don Minzoni n.41), presso le enoteche partner e nel mercato Ho.Re.Ca.
Un vino che si posiziona in una fascia medio-alta, pronto a sorprendere con il suo gusto e i suoi aromi.


Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Ràfia emerges out of a unique process, and is the beneficiary of a great deal of attention and love: this may seem rather exaggerated, but it really is the truth. Ràfia is available to buy from our wine stores in Santa Maria La Palma and Alghero (address: Via Don Minzoni no. 41), at partner wine stores and on the Ho.Re.Ca. market.

It is a wine aimed at the mid-/top end of the market, and has what it takes to surprise you with its sumptuous palate and aromatics.

Here is a short technical profile of the wine:

Colour: Straw-yellow with golden reflections.
Aroma: Intense with floral notes that soon give way to fruity overtones, orange peel and lemon, with a light spicy finish.
Palate: Full-flavoured, with a delicately smooth entry, with volume in the centre of the mouth and a prolonged, persistent finish.
Serving temperature: 12°C – 15°C
Alcohol level: 13.5% vol.