It is our good fortune to have been born here, and our privilege to work day in, day out, in what is a truly unique part of the world: Sardinia, and specifically the flat, endless plains of the Nurra region, on the north-western coast of the island.

The northwest wind and the mild climate of this corner of the Mediterranean are the constant companions of our winemakers, who work in the vineyards throughout the year. Those who live here, or visit it regularly, know very well that Alghero enjoys prolonged warm seasons cooled by the sea breeze, and they could not possibly forget the coastal city’s sunsets, reflected so beautifully in the ocean.

This is the land we have been taking care of for more than fifty years. Our land. And through our DOC, Vini Sardi and Vini di Alghero wines, we give back to this part of Italy a little bit of the beauty and generosity with which it has been blessing us since time immemorial.


The winery has very strong links with the immense territory of Alghero.
In our wines, in their history, and sometimes even in their names, we try to encapsulate the fascination of a vibrant city that is linguistically and culturally unique, and of a coast that is awash with unrivalled wonders.

Mile after mile of coastline, little sandy bays, stunning rock formations and the imposing promontory of Capo Caccia with its stunning cliffs – these are just some of the attractions for the area’s many visitors. It is here that the seabed offers up some of the greatest treasures to be found anywhere in Sardinia: the red gold of the so-called “Coral Riviera”, and the famous lobster, which serves as a symbol of Alghero right around the world.

Not far away, facing out to sea and protected by the bastions that delineate its profile, the city of Alghero forges ahead, its rich past continuing to influence its future. The worn cobbles of its alleyways, the shouts of the fishermen on the quays, the colours and flavours of the market, thronging with restaurateurs and locals of the old town or Alguer Vella – every day, they write the story of an original culture, an island within the island, forever divergent from all the others and never the same two days running.