The Aragosta Wine, one of the most representative products of Alghero and Sardinia, looks to the future evolving and relaunching the city of Alghero in its new role.

The line of Aragosta wines evolves, looking to the future to embrace the taste of users and wine lovers.

During a crowded presentation with over 300 presences, including local institutions, the management of the Santa Maria La Palma Winery together with its partners unveiled the new Aragosta wine: a more modern bottle, with a new label and a taste still more refined and evolved, to keep up with the times and always look forward.

Alghero’s Lobster is a wine that has accompanied many people and families for over 60 years.

Over the course of more than half a century this wine has come a long way: it left Alghero, to start a journey that took him throughout Sardinia. Step by step this wine has gone beyond the island’s borders, becoming known and appreciated throughout Italy, being able to bypass national borders and arriving all over the world, achieving many goals and winning international awards.

The Aragosta wine crossed the borders of the island, becoming known and appreciated throughout Italy, being able to bypass even the national borders and coming all over the world. Today, the Aragosta line reaches around 2.5 million bottles, produced in Sardinia and distributed all over the world.

The Lobster has achieved important goals, with the same humility as always.

A humility based on quality, passion and courage, and on two ambitious goals: the first, being able to give to many people a product that is both quality and accessible; The second, take the city of Alghero, Sardinia and Italy with it, on a journey that tells a whole territory.

Now the Lobster is ready to change and evolve, to continue its journey, and the Santa Maria La Palma Winery is ready to re-launch on this challenge: every year, as mentioned, about 2.5 million bottles of wine are produced and distributed. Lobster. This bottle will bring in the new label the entire logo of the winery, with the word Alghero in evidence, with the aim of making this name and this city known to more and more people.

The new Aragosta wine will be distributed starting next week.

The president, the staff, the management and all the employees of the Cantina Santa Maria La Palma wish to be able to continue the journey of the Aragosta wine, started in 1965 by the parents of many partners and the first founders of the Winery.

A story that repeats itself, actualizing itself and looking to the future.