Novecento59: zero-dosage classic method spumante

Novecento59 is a zero-dosage classic method spumante, produced through the vinification of elegant Chardonnay grapes. The grapes are harvested after mid-August in a restricted group of specific vineyards in the Santa Maria La Palma area. The bunches are painstakingly selected, since Novecento59 requires great olfactory cleanliness: for this reason, the grapes are placed in small trays, with a view to preserving their integrity and all of their aromatics. The grapes are taken to the winery when they are fresh and intact; they are then pressed very softly and delicately, and primary fermentation takes place at 13 degrees so as to retain the aromatic properties as fully as possible.

When this initial fermentation is complete, the wine is ready to begin the process once again, but this time inside the bottle. The yeasts are prepared and, in accordance with the classic method, second fermentation begins in earnest; it will last 18 months in a bottle closed with a crown cap. This is the phase in which our spumante is born. For this entire period, the bottle is held in a temperature-controlled cell where every bottle becomes unique thanks to the formation of the bubbles, the aromatics changing and integrating as the palate develops.

After around 6-9 months of evolution and contact between the yeasts and the wine, disgorgement is carried out. The cap is removed, the yeasts are taken out and the bottle is filled to the brim with the classic liqueur – a blend of extremely high-quality wines. The bottle is then closed with a mushroom cork and duly dressed.

Now the 959 is ready for additional in-bottle refining, which lasts 4-6 months. In this period, our spumante becomes more balanced and acquires greater expressive power, in the run-up to being released onto the market.

Thanks to this long, delicate process, we end up with Novecento59: a great wine, for everyday occasions.


Colour: Bright straw-yellow with greenish edges
Bouquet: Highly floral with fruit-laden notes of white-fleshed peach and hints of breadcrust
Flavour: Fresh, with a delicately salty note and a clean, full finish; fine and persistent perlage
Serving temperature: 8°C
Pressure: 6 atm
Alcohol content: 12%
Sugars: 0.8 g/l
Total acidity: 7.7 g/l
pH: 3.2