Redìt Cannonau Riserva Gold Medal at Mundus Vini

Redìt has done it again! Our Redìt Cannonau Riserva (vintage 2018) received a prestigious Gold Medal in the Mundus Vini international competition, the important German wine event dedicated to the best labels in the world.

Our Redìt has taken a liking to it: in fact, this success represents an extraordinary repetition of the Gold Medal also received in Mundus Vini 2022.

Winning a gold medal is excellent news, receiving two in a row is splendid confirmation that further certifies the high quality of this wine.

Thanks again to the jury of the event and to all the people (more and more) who choose Redìt Cannonau Riserva for their toasts.


Raise your glasses for this great Cannonau, ready to impress more and more wine lovers with its taste and aromas!