Aragosta Rosè

aragosta rosè 2018

Alghero Rosato doc
Rosé wine obtained from lightly pressing red D.O.C. grapes of Alghero.

Colour: bright, sparkling pink. Bouquet: its pleasantly fresh, distinct aroma is refined with a slight suggestion of roses and wild fruits.
Flavour: it has a strong, dry flavour, is lively yet harmonious and pleasantly fruity, with a characteristic lightness.
Serving Suggestions: it is best drunk as young as possible with starters and fish, or cool from the cellar with first courses, white meats or soft cheeses.
Serving Temperature: 8°C – 10°C
Alcoholic Content: 12% – 13,5% vol.

2018 Medaglia d’Argento New York International Competition 2017